Entrepreneurship in the renewable energy sector

The sustainable economy has been a topic of debate for years, and no wonder. There are many NGOs that advocate a change of paradigm in world production to avoid the environmental collapse of the planet. According to experts, the solution lies in a convergence of green businesses; in other words, betting on ecological companies, especially in the energy sector, with multinational energy companies leading the world ranking of companies with the worst environmental impact. In the not too distant future, the production and consumption of dirty energy may be a luxury that industrialized societies cannot afford without destroying their natural ecosystems.

But energy is needed, yes or no, so the solution lies in renewables.Energy sustainability is possibleThe sustainable energy sector is a niche waiting to be devoured by the entrepreneurs of the 21st century. The best thing is that it is quite a wide candy, and it gives for many bites. Despite the pervasiveness of dirty energy, renewable alternatives are legion thanks to Nature's incredible ability to recover from the effects of human activity. But the point is not just that energy sustainability is possible, it is that it can be beneficial to economic development by limiting the need to import energy.

It is a 'everybody wins' business: the entrepreneurs, the country's economy, the environment, the business network, the technology... Everything can move forward and improve in the same direction, the one marked by clean energy.The leadership of solar energy The sources of energy are there, in the earth, the air, the water or the fire. The four elements can give rise to a profitable business in the medium term based on different types of energy: geothermal, wind, hydraulic, bioenergy, motor, etc. But if there is one queen of renewable energies, it is solar energy.

The sun is the star product that "sustainable entrepreneurs" must look to. Not only because the solar panel technology currently available offers unparalleled diversification possibilities (there are already panels that even take advantage of rainwater) or a higher yield at a lower price. In addition, we must take into account that the sun is a source that will be available for at least hundreds of thousands of years.