How can I be a more stylish man?

Do you want to be more attractive to women and stand out from other men? Sometimes, a little nothing is enough to make you look more stylish. Here are a few tips on how to be more stylish and attractive.

Choosing your clothes wisely

You need to take care of your appearance to be more stylish. And that includes the choice of the clothes you wear. Above all, they must be the right size.

Oversize may be trendy, however, avoid wearing a shirt that is well above your waist. Clothes that are too tight also don't make you look good. Then, for a perfect look, go for quality. For your pants, pay attention to their length.

Don't let your calves and socks be visible. Also dare to vary your looks. Are you used to wearing denim? It's trendy and a must have in the men's wardrobe. However, you shouldn't limit yourself to that.

Wear chino, slack, cargo pants, etc. as well. Of course, you should iron your clothes well before wearing them. A wrinkled shirt will give a bad image of you.

Then, just like your clothes, you must also take care of your shoes. Avoid wearing the same pair every day. Invest in different types of shoes: suede boots, boat shoes... They should also be clean.

If your white sneaker is strewn with stains, it simply means you're lazy and careless.

Exercise to be more beautiful

Sport is essential for health, we all know that. But do you know that it also makes you more beautiful? By doing weight training for example, you can sculpt your body. A man with well-designed, firm arms is certainly much more attractive.

Muscle development requires regular, targeted training and a diet rich in protein. For example, the new Myprotein protein snacks allow you to enjoy yourself without compromising your sporting goals. There are also many other protein-packed foods such as eggs, dairy products, wholegrain cereals, fish, meat, pulses, seeds and nuts. By exercising, your complexion also becomes brighter.

Your skin cells benefit from better oxygenation. Physical activity also reduces the level of cortisol produced by your body. This hormone is responsible for stress. And when you stress, your skin produces more sebum, which promotes the appearance of acne pimples.

In addition, exercising boosts collagen production. This substance promotes tissue regeneration and makes the skin supple. As a result, you will have firmer, wrinkle-free skin.

Pay attention to details

Gentlemen, women pay attention to detail.

So don't neglect them. First of all, your hairstyle must be impeccable. Choose a haircut that enhances your appearance and makes you more beautiful. Don't hesitate to experiment with different hairstyles yourself.

Otherwise, make an appointment with a facial hairdresser. Depending on the shape of your face, he or she will recommend the cut and hairstyle that suits you best. A well-chosen pair of glasses can also make all the difference in the eyes of women. Then, don't neglect your dental hygiene.

Even if you look good, but your teeth are damaged or rotten, your sex appeal is sure to take a hit. To correct this, make an appointment with your dentist.