The adoption of emerging technologies in Chile

Chile is the country in Latin America that is best prepared to face the challenges of implementing the 5G mobile network. This new technology will not only promote important economic and industrial development, but will change the way we are connected. The speed that 5G will provide will bring new possibilities: gaming such as Spin Casino that will load instantly, downloads of complete movies in less than a second, and the ability to connect multiple objects through the Internet of Things. It is precisely the Internet of things that will mark the most profound changes in our society.

The 5G mobile network in ChileThe

implementation of the Internet of Things in Chile depends on the adoption of the 5G mobile network.

Without a doubt, the process of adapting the entire territory's infrastructure to this new technology is not easy, and it is expected that some tests will begin next year so that its implementation will be definitive within three or four more years. The trade agreement that Chile has with South Korea could speed up the process a bit, since, so far, this Asian country is the only one that has the mobile network in operation. This shows that the application of this technology is not immediate and that Chile is not the only country that will take time to adopt 5G in its territory.

Benefits and challenges of the Internet of ThingsThe

main benefit that the implementation of the Internet of Things will produce at an economic level is innovation. Companies will seek to solve the challenges that arise today and will be able to optimize their production processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

This will not only impact at a national level, but the adoption of new ways of producing and marketing will open doors to global trade; only those who adopt the emerging technologies will benefit greatly from the new economic development. In terms of the challenges in implementing the Internet of Things, the financial aspect is the one that most concerns companies that want to adopt this technology. The adoption of the 5G mobile network and the subsequent implementation of the Internet of Things requires a large monetary outlay to adapt the existing infrastructure and acquire technological resources. Of course, the government must finance the works that improve the conditions in the national territory to prepare for its adoption, but it is the companies that are responsible for implementing their own innovations.

Emerging technologies will revolutionize our daily lives. Chile plans to begin pilot tests of the use of the 5G mobile network to prepare for full coverage in the coming years that will, among other things, allow the implementation of the Internet of Things. These applications will allow it to become part of the global economy and open the doors to innovation. Although there are still challenges in the adoption of both technologies, Chile remains the most prepared country in Latin America for their implementation.